If you think Massachusetts’ culture begins and ends with 波士顿’s epic St. 派翠克节游行, you’re missing out on the melting pot of cultures that make up the Bay State. You can get a taste of multicultural Massachusetts with some dim sum in 波士顿’s 唐人街 或自制意大利面食 北边. 看看搬家 黑人历史痕迹 或了解更多关于伟德直营的 印第安人 遗产. Around here, we celebrate multiculturalism in ways small and big, like the 马萨诸塞州多元文化电影节 在马塞诸斯州大学阿默斯特.


波士顿 & Nantucket: The 非裔美国人历史博物馆 is dedicated to preserving, conserving and accurately interpreting the contributions of African Americans in New England from the colonial period through the 19th century.

Visit the largest collection of Russian Icons in North America


Second Saturday Walking Tour of 弗洛伦斯 Abolition Era Sites
Visit the homes of Sojourner Truth, Samuel Hill and fugitive slave Basil Dorsey. See the Mill River dam where David Lee and Lydia Maria Child processed sugar beets as an alternative to slave-grown sugar cane. Stand in the Pine Grove where William Lloyd Garrison and Wendell Phillips spoke before members of the Northampton Association “utopian” community . Hear about David Ruggles’ Water Cure and the visits of Frederick Douglass. 捐款有利于大卫拉格斯中心. These tours are offered the second Saturday of the month from June through November. 所有的游览都在旅居者真理纪念雕像集合, 10:00 am, 在公园和松树街的拐角处, 弗洛伦斯.

A walking tour that explores the history of 波士顿’s ninetieth century African American community that lived primarily on the north slope of Beacon Hill. The tour consists of 14 historic sites including the 54th Regiment Memorial and the African Meeting House. 波士顿非裔美国人历史遗址, 国家公园管理局的一个部门, 位于大怡街46号, offers guided tours and information for self-guided tours. 这两项服务都是免费向公众开放的.

Presented by the Museum of Afro-American 历史 and the Friends of the African Meeting House on Nantucket, the 黑人历史痕迹 features 10 sites that reveal the 遗产 of African Americans living on Nantucket, 尤其是在19世纪.

This physical entity comprised of 16 sites is dedicated to the formerly unrecognized contributions made by people of African descent to the history of the island. At each of these sites a descriptive plaque has been placed.

非裔美国人遗产之旅 ——剑桥
This self-guided walking tour through Cambridge was created to highlight 20 historic sites throughout the city. These sites serve as important reminders of the history that surrounds the social, 政治和经济的发展.

The Upper Housatonic Valley 非裔美国人遗产之旅,伟大的巴林顿
This trail presents a rich history of African Americans who played pivotal roles in key national and international 事件 and made significant contributions to our culture. Blacks in the region spent their lives defining the tenets of freedom and democracy, hoping to claim the “unalienable rights” our founding fathers deemed “self-evident.这条小路歌颂生命, accomplishments and contributions of African Americans who made their mark in Western Massachusetts and beyond.

爱尔兰传统痕迹 - - - - - -波士顿
A guide to landmarks of Irish-American artists and heroes from the 1700s to the present here in Massachusetts. The Trail is divided into three sections: 20 sites in downtown 波士顿 and Back Bay, covering over three miles: and over 50 other landmarks in 波士顿 neighborhoods, 遍布全州的城镇.





The first Chinese immigrants arrived to 波士顿 in the 1880s. They pitched tents in what is today known as “Ping on Alley”. 今天, 唐人街 in 波士顿 has grown to be the central hub to Chinese families in Massachusetts and all of New England. 位于市中心十字路口和南端之间, 唐人街有各种各样的历史景点, 事件, 和传统的中国菜.


一个独特的文化社区, 社会和宗谱群体, 舞蹈工作室, 学术项目, and annual 事件 that emphasize the Irish-American community of Massachusetts and the state cultural community at-large.

The 波士顿日本协会 organizes information about 日本-related 事件 across 波士顿 for everyone who loves 日本.


Our mission is to bring communities together through film by increasing intercultural awareness thereby combating stereotypes. Our goal is to help non-Latino 波士顿ians to better understand their neighbors, 同事和朋友.

波士顿国际电影节 was created to celebrate the art of filmmaking and to honor the filmmakers who make it all possible. This is a festival dedicated to rewarding artists for their individual talents and for their creative expression through the medium of film. 这个节日努力把波士顿当地的, national and international filmmakers by promoting the world’s most artistic and creative independent and experimental films.

新英格兰最大的犹太文化活动. This critically acclaimed festival features more than 50 independently produced films, shown in 7 locations and reflects the work of film artists from 16 countries in 18 languages.


The Irish Film Festival 波士顿 (IFFB) was founded in 1999. In 2003, 该电影节为年度IFFB颁奖典礼揭幕, offering filmmakers awards in four categories: Best Film, 最佳纪录片, 最好的短篇小说/动画, 和导演的选择. IFFB奖还包括年度优秀奖, which honors those filmmakers whose work brings the very best of 爱尔兰 and the Irish to audiences around the world.

A world-class festival celebrating independent, feature, documentary and short films